Industrial Design

Industrial Hygiene Standard Independent Specialist Team ready to served

In response to the diverse hygiene standard and vast demand in industrial ware-washing, such as food factory, dish-washing factory, food court, hotel, hospital etc, the ware-washing area has to be designed by well-experienced and trained specialists. Together with our industrial knowledge and advanced dishwasher manufacturing technology, we can advise the most suitable talor-made solution.

Your Tailor-made Flight Type Dishwasher

CHAMPION can design a tailor-made solution based on the ware-washing demand, type of ware, location conditions for each case. We offer tailor-made industrial ware-washing solution in terms of dishwasher size, ware-washing amount, washing time, electricity consumption, specialised detergent etc.

Most Suitable Solution, from washing procedure to human resources ultilization

Project & Industrial Team will perform site visits, gathering all information needed from the location, and design appropriate solution before the production of dishwasher. You will have a deep understanding of our plan, including washing procedure, human resources utilization, installation, post-sale service etc, before the commerce of it.

With professional technicians and engineering team, we ensure you a smooth operation

Mechanical technician specialised on managing flight type dishwasher designs, installation, and operation. We are devoted in developing latest dishwashing technology and producing equipment with much efficiency for you. In aims of smooth installation, we own a well-trained engineering motorcade, instructed by the Industrial & Project Team.