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CHAMPION Products UDR and PRO-DIGEST Granted Green Label Certificate Continue Focus on Professional Recognition

Champion Chemicals Limited product: 288 Liquid Biological Multi-function Micro-organism Additive (Pro-Digest) and 820 Biological Urinal Drain Belief (UDR) have granted Hong Kong Green Label Scheme (HKGLS) which organized by Hong Kong Green Council, the above certificate shows CHAMPION products are identified, recognized environmental product and provided a high level of environmental protection.


HKGLS draws from relevant international standards and is benchmarked with well-developed ecolabels to ensure credibility of the standards. As with the majority of eco-labelling programs, HKGLS is an ISO 14024(1) Type 1 label, which involves a third-party certification requiring considerations of life cycle impacts.


The certificate can help company easily to identify and distinguish products which have been developed and produced with the intent of being less negatively environmentally impacting. Besides financial benefits, a green label demonstrates suppliers' long-term commitment to improve environmental performance. In a broader sense, it is a positive move towards sustainable development.

In addition, if company is applying the Beam Plus which is organized by HKGBC, or participate relevant environmental competition, certificate or willing to adopt the “green purchase” policy, CHAMPION product would be your best choice and approval.


For the F&B sector, if restaurant or food factory are following green purchasing guidelines for F&B sector, which incl. cleaning detergent or any other consumable item, the above certificate can help company not just giving a hand for saving the planet, but also can reduce the operation cost.


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